Basement Flood Clean Up

A flood in your basement can lead to damaged property and a lot of cleanup.  Some causes for flooding are more common than others, but all can be devastating depending on how long the water has been there. Flooding is most often caused by heavy rains from thunderstorms or hurricanes that cause sewers to overflow or burst pipes. If you have experienced a recent flooding incident, it’s important that you act quickly so you can get your home back into shape as soon as possible.

Fast, effective cleanup of basement flooding

A water-damaged basement is a complex and problem-filled event. It’s not just the cleanup of your belongings that needs to be addressed, but also any damage done to the foundation. The last thing you want is for more problems to arise because of an incomplete cleanup process or lack thereof. It’s important that you know what steps need to happen in order for a basement flood situation like this to get resolved as quickly and effectively as possible, whether it’s your home or someone else’s property. We’ll go over some of those things now so you can be prepared if ever faced with such a circumstance again.

We recommend seeking professional help from our team at 911 Water Damage Restoration in Alexandria when trying to clean up any water damage on your property or before. Floods happen all the time in Alexandria, VA and can wreak havoc on your home – so be sure to take this flood damage restoration seriously as soon as possible.

Specialize in basement water damage restoration

Basement water damage can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be. We specialize in basement water damage restoration and are here to help you get your life back on track after a disaster. Contact us today for a free inspection so we can provide you with an accurate assessment of the damages, as well as any potential solutions.


We have been helping homeowners with their water damage problems for years. The team at Alexandria Water Damage Restoration and Basement Waterproofing has helped countless property owners clean up and restore their properties. We are experts at quick and efficient water remediation and restoration services. Whether your home was flooded or a pipe burst, we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to quickly solve your problems. All our services will clean, repair, and protect your home. Feel free to email or call us today for more info.