Basement Leak Repair

our home is your safe haven. You should never have to worry about it leaking or flooding. If you notice water seeping into the basement, call a professional right away. There are many different types of leaks that can happen in a house, and some are more severe than others. A leaky pipe under your sink doesn’t require nearly as much urgency as one that’s been steadily dripping for days, weeks, months, or even years – especially if there is already water pooling on the floor and causing mold growth in the area near where it’s coming through from outside.


911 Water Damage Restoration of Alexandria offers Basement Leak Repair,  Basement Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing and Wet Basement Solution. Contact our water damage restoration company in Alexandria today to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.

Causes of Basement Leaks

Basement Leaks are common in older homes because of the plumbing and foundation construction method used at that time .Basement Leaks often happen during periods of heavy rain or snow when the ground cannot absorb all the water.  Basements leak because they are below grade and any amount of water will flow downhill to your basement.  Basements also leak at cold joints in concrete block walls that separate blocks, which can be caused by soil freezing around  the blocks during winter.


If your basement is leaking, be sure to call the professionals from 911 Water Damage Restoration of Alexandria.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Water damage is usually caused by a leaky pipe in the basement and can be prevented with regular maintenance. Basement leaks are often difficult to detect because of their location.

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There are some signs that you may notice if your home has been exposed to water:

Musty Smell

A musty smell coming from inside or outside your house.

Wet Carpets

Wet carpets in the basement or wet carpets anywhere else in the house. Basements are more susceptible to mold due to humid environments near furnaces and water heaters.


Mold or black spots on your ceiling, walls, floors, furniture and other belongings.


We have been helping homeowners with their water damage problems for years. The team at Alexandria Water Damage Restoration and Basement Waterproofing has helped countless property owners clean up and restore their properties. We are experts at quick and efficient water remediation and restoration services. Whether your home was flooded or a pipe burst, we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to quickly solve your problems. All our services will clean, repair, and protect your home. Feel free to email or call us today for more info.