Basement Waterproofing

911 Water Damage Restoration of Alexandria is a basement waterproofing company that offers solutions for leaky basements with services ranging from water extraction, mold remediation, drywall repair, new construction installation, floor restoration to cleanups in general. We specialize in commercial and  residential waterproofing and are experts in basement moisture control.


We will work with you to assess the problem, give you an estimate on how much it is going to cost, and then set out a plan for a solution that works best for your needs.

Benefits of waterproofing your basement

A waterproofed basement is not only a more comfortable place to live in, but it will also save you money. Basement water damage can lead your house an expensive repair bill and the cost of repairs may be as much or even higher than if you had just installed a basement waterproofing system! Basements are notorious for leaking and flooding due to their location below ground. Basement water damage is a major problem in the United States and it seems to be increasing every year as more homes are being built with basements, sometimes even at the expense of crawl space or attic!

The best way to avoid basement flooding is by installing a waterproofing system before it happens. Basement waterproofing systems are fairly inexpensive and can be installed by a professional for low cost. Basement waterproofing is the best way to protect your home from basement water damage! Call 911 Water Damage Restoration of Alexandria at [contact number] to find out more.

Basement Waterproofing Experts in Washington DC

Basement waterproofing is the process of preventing water from seeping into your home. Basements are a common place for mold and mildew to grow if they’re not sealed off well enough. Our contractor can install pumps, sump pump systems or backflow prevention devices to help prevent any issues with basement flooding on top of installing a waterproofing membrane. Basement flooding can be very unpleasant and cause irreversible damage to your home, so it’s important that you take the steps necessary to prevent water from seeping into your basement at all costs.


We have been helping homeowners with their water damage problems for years. The team at Alexandria Water Damage Restoration and Basement Waterproofing has helped countless property owners clean up and restore their properties. We are experts at quick and efficient water remediation and restoration services. Whether your home was flooded or a pipe burst, we have the tools, experience, and knowledge to quickly solve your problems. All our services will clean, repair, and protect your home. Feel free to email or call us today for more info.